Without A Mirror

Without a mirror — no one knows how ugly they are;
Without thought — no one’s aware of how ignorant they are — and,
Without the light — no one realizes they have lived in the dark.


There are two advantages to not looking,
and one is that as long as you don’t look,
you are not aware that you don’t look.


The reason for the popularity of the phrase: “wake me when it’s over,”
is that men are aware that that will be the only time that
it will be possible for them — after — long after — it’s over.
(More comfort for the notion that it’s a waste of time to even start.)
“Honey, wake me when the lights go on …. you know where!”


One man kept a creature in his home which,
no matter how often he corrected and reprimanded it,
he could never train.
Choo choo!


One man’s present view:
“The problem is not in stopping thought,
but in stopping it from starting.”


A father told a son:
“Don’t waste your time trying to repair an action that you have mistaken for an object.”
…(the boy was forty years old.)


While strolling through the woods with his dog one day,
aware of the wild life’s activity all about him, a man thought:
“Domesticated animals must be the dumbest of their kind,
they’re the only ones who enjoy hearing the sound of their own name.”
As he continued his saunter he was later briefly struck by a glancing glimpse
of how his notion was also pertinent to his own mind and its thinking.

Although at first hearing it may sound illogical:
Staring at the mind can make you stupid in other areas.


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