Straight Ahead

In Revolutionist lore,
‘Tis rumored that outside the City,
out in the subversive bush,
there are some trails so narrow
that one can only Go straight ahead.


How indeed is a bargain to be known
if you don’t “bad mouth” it before you buy it.


“Ah, tell me lad,” said the interest alien, “Do you live here in the City?”
“Nah,” replied the somewhat sarcastic stripling, “We were sent here
as the winners of the second place prize in a contest.”
“Second place, eh.” “Yeah.” Said the kid,
“First place was you didn’t have to come here.”


Every day this one guy used to get up.


Although some in the City would lead you to believe otherwise,
I can tell you directly from my ha-ha-heart,
that under more “favorable” conditions Everyone could’ve been cripple.



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