Jan Cox Talk 0585

All “Wrong” Information Is Merely Incomplete


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#585 ** Dec 18. 1989 ** – 1:08
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. To do This Thing—have new experience—you cannot extract anything from it by remaining unchanged personally, i.e., what you are. There is a trickiness, a subtleness to the extent that the method and intent merges with the Aim of it. This merger of journey with destination is inappropriate, unnatural, disallowed in life or all activity would cease.

There is no such thing as wrong info or impotent energy. All ‘wrong’ info is merely incomplete, i.e., incompletely perceived. There are two levels of transferred info: leading level and sub-level. The leading level is what can be considered by 3-d consciousness to be ‘wrong’. Example of a man stating “2+2 = 5”; leading level is ‘wrong’ but sub-level (unstated and not properly perceived) completes the transfer: “I am mathematically incompetent”. Further example of man who says “God talks to me” or “the bible is god’s definitive word”, or “your position is morally, logically, etc. wrong” with compensatory sub-level statement: “I am made/forced to say this”.

It is the Real Revolutionist’s joy, and job, to continually add to the 3-d knowledge available here…for his own personal use. Connection to no product can exist without its concomitant use/user; New Info unused tends to become a non-product. Connection to man’s belief that computers are becoming more than they are, exceeding man’s (their creators) input: Man talks about himself, his ‘personality’ constantly from earliest history in the same way, i.e., as a computer that exceeds its input; history itself is the perfect example of this.