Jan Cox Talk 0586

No One Dimension of Life Has Exclusive Information


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#586 Dec 20, 1989 – 1:07
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. “One can keep a secret; two, perhaps; tell three and everyone knows”. A complex variety of this exists within the nervous system. Its basis is that Life must make all pertinent health/growth info available to all three forces/dimensions. It cannot be that any one dimension has exclusive info or it would finally triumph in its constant struggle/tension with the other two which makes the 3-d space wherein all exists.

This is the maximally efficient arrangement. Each force has equal access to info; everybody’s enemy knows his plan of attack, but each thinks it’s a secret known only to himself. There is no such thing as info that is private, exclusive, unless it is “dinosaur info” and you’re about to become extinct. This is no disadvantage: consider that you know all your enemies’ secrets too. It is only “leading info” that may be secret; the “sub-level info” is known. Each considers his own info to be exclusive while all other info is flawed, then becomes nonplussed when other info nevertheless seems to prevail.