Jan Cox Talk 0587

Human Intellect Is Designed to Ignore Life’s Ultimate Victory


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#587 Dec 22, 1989 – 1:03
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :05. Another aspect of the cultural-myth/molecular energy needs of man as shown in the Norse myths where the only ultimate form of reward or power exercise is to die heroically. For the Real Revolutionist, heroic death is equivalent to thinking when it is not necessary, right up to the last breath. Ignorance (flawed info) is always going to win over intelligence in the same way that death always prevails physically.

To be driven by chivalrous myths as opposed to the Norse ones gives the illusion of a willful choice to sacrificing oneself to the inevitable triumph of one’s enemies. But it is illusory because you’re going to die anyway; it is a moot point: no choice is possible where death is inevitable. Chivalrous myths give a kind of feeling of accomplishment where the Norse myths are more profitable for a Real Revolutionist.

TWE/to what end? do experts insist to others that their talent, expertise, knowledge, is no “mere gift”; that it required sacrifice and hard work? Again it is an encoded message from Life regarding ‘freewill’. Note there are no myths of mere mortals acquiring divine gifts at next to no cost/sacrifice to themselves.

Human myths are not cultural phenomena, they are molecular necessities containing/conveying the message that one force will ultimately win, i.e., good will triumph over evil (Christian) or vice versa (Norse, Germanic). This cannot happen however without Life’s own demise. The knowledge that ultimately nobody’s going to win would freeze up the machinery of Life’s growth, and thus all intellects are designed to ignore it.

The potentially most profitable myth for a Real Revolutionist is that of Valhalla, the place where victorious, fallen heroes bide their time until ultimate evil wins. It is the concept of heroic death, the hero, laughing even as he goes down in defeat. Connection to the Real Revolutionist merger of aim and execution, the disappearance of the gulf between outcome and action. There is no ultimate difference between defeat and non-defeat. This is the heroic death: victory through defeat; the knowing fighting of losing battles = winning the battle. There is no separation between victory and defeat.