Jan Cox Talk 0589

Thinking When You Don’t Have To Merges Ends With Means


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#589 Dec 29, 1989 – 1:06
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. There is a specific difference between men and the other animals: men will do almost anything not to submit to sickness, maltreatment, even death.  Men are designed so as to not-submit. Each new generation must not submit to the former. Any quest or drive that is known and ‘named’ is too limited to be of value. For the Real Revolutionist this type of rebellion is not enough. To the Real Revolutionist, CTWYDHT continued thinking when you don’t have to is both a producer of New Intelligence and simultaneously, the product of N.I. It is a rebellion within a rebellion. Connection to the merger of ends and means.

Men are bound to the too-small and the too-large in their concerns. This attachment to ill-appropriate size is the cement that bonds them to their position of not-submitting to the inevitable. The Real Revolutionist must abandon this stance, it will not fuel NI.

The “trickle down” theory of economics is more than economic. Consider, in a Real Revolutionist’s nervous system would it be more profitable for the authority to flow from the top (Yellow Circuit, capital-D, divine decree) or from the bottom (Red Circuit, labor, democratic will of the people)?

Heroic myth always includes a “quest”, either to some new depth. height or width (distance). Yet it is always contained within the limits of the three known dimensions, requiring a resorting to some ‘monster’—unbelievable opposition blocking the way. The Real Heroic Quest is for NI, and it requires finding a new dimension beyond the 3-d. The Real Revolutionist cannot submit to a known quest. If the quest has been defined, it has been limited.

The dreams man has of Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs in the computer field, are at base the equivalent of saying the new computers will be able to…follow more complex instructions!!