Jan Cox Talk 0594

The Answer Is not the Point, Thinking About the Answer Is the Point


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#594 ** Jan 10, 1990 ** – 1:03 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. What if I told you about the new creation myth?” all creation myths state that creation resulted from the “One” becoming divided into many, including all opposites. What if this is backwards? What if more complex intelligence is not returning to the one/unity? Connection to evolution being an increasing refinement/complexification resulting in fewer, not more, lifeforms.

What if myths state that existence creates the ‘gods’, not vice versa, and that gods are more complex than existence for that fact. This flies in the face of the truth that the creator of something must be more complex than the creation. What if man is to replace the ‘gods’? Creation aspires to be like the gods; gods, having created humans (as human parents create their children) aspire to be like humans.

The ordinary intellect is designed to believe that ‘more’ is better, is progress; that quantity is the benchmark of quality. This is in accord with the old myths: from one, many. New Intelligence holds the opposite: from many, one. For the Real Revolutionist to think more than necessary is not a matter of quantity, rather, it is a matter of quality, refinement, complexity; centralization and compactness.

What if Life’s expansion is not an increase in quantity? Note: primitives have a diversity, a pantheon of gods; advanced peoples are monotheistic; carried to its ultimate extreme: atheism. In science this many-to-one theory is exemplified by the search for the unified field theory.

Man is Life’s “mentis lens”, a lens which interprets all inflows of energy. What is not recognized is that this energy flow can be reversed with no change in the apparent outcome. The flow reversal is seen as ambiguity by men, an unrecognized manifestation of higher, complex reality. E.g., the question of whether life is evolving or not—the answer is not the point; thinking about the issue is the point, i.e., energy movement is the benchmark of evolution. Movement itself is creation, its direction is moot, since reversals have no effect on the results. E.g., SL/secondary level activities are tomorrow’s PL/primary level ones.