Jan Cox Talk 0596

Eternal Heterodoxy


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#596 ** Jan 15, 1990 ** – 1:05 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. Even if the interaction of a trinity of forces for all growth to happen was not true, Tertium Quid would serve the purpose, for a Real Revolutionist, of precluding the capture/fascination by binary opposites. Beyond “either-or” is “either-or…or”, a complex improvement. Beyond this is yet another level, since the new level becomes itself a dichotomy of choice.

Thus the question, are myths true or made up tales…or…becomes a dichotomy of old thinking vs. new thinking for the Real Revolutionist. any choice is self defeating because any choice raises yet others. Beyond this is the transcending of choice altogether. Any claim of exclusivity (which is always required for any either/or choice) is fatally flawed for more complex purposes. The only valid (revolutionary) claim tor paradigmatic exclusivity must include all possibilities, any claim, aim or act that is moving.

If all opposites are absolutely interchangeable, then the direction of energy flow is of no consequence since that flow per se is all that counts; that is the basis of all human forms of conflict, ambiguity, doubt: the forced submission to the more complex reality of spatial existence than that perceived by man. 

The new creation myth would not have started with: “something comes from nothing”…but, also, not “something comes from something”. Rather, an “alternative compromise” would have been used. Something like combining two opposites and then finding an alternative to that combination. Almost like an “eternal heterodoxy”, contrary to every proposed choice. The myth might have started: “In the beginning there was no beginning”; or (alternative compromise) “In the beginning there were two beginnings: the real beginning and the “talked about” (described, mythical) beginning”. Consider the internal creation myth you have about you.


For NP : neuralize what was the beginning of you as thinking creature