Jan Cox Talk 0614

The More Something Can be Talked About, Less Is Needed to Be Done


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#614 Feb 26, 1990 – 1:04 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :09. Knowledge/expertise is the defense of the intellect because the less thinking is required of it. The ultimate in this protection/expertise is advertised self-knowledge, i.e., the telling of “what kind of a guy I am” . Remember, even saying “I don’t know what kind of a guy I am” is nevertheless telling what kind of guy you are. Only the Real Revolutionist can profitably enjoy realizing he is an integral part of the “ultimate dumbness”.

Quote: [in the face of criticism-attack] “It is not for myself [a mere individual reporter] that I am concerned, it is for freedom of the press.” This is the cloaking of the intellect in institutional instrumentality, in commonly held beliefs. It is a variation of self-expertise protection. It is the brain using a larger set of connections for its defense.

Concern for the “out there” instrumentality (i.e., for life from the skin outwards) is further, a protection against the brain’s examination of its own operations. Very few are interested in meditation. Connection to no one can work alone.

The more something can be talked about the less is needed to be done about it.

Quote: “Attention deficit is believed directly linked to antisocial behavior but supporting evidence is inconsistent.” Consider that the very inconsistency of the evidence suggests the validity of the argument since it proves it to be at least alive. Connection to the weird assertion that criminal behavior is caused by virus.