Jan Cox Talk 0626

What Happens Not Important as What is Said About It


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#626 Mar 26, 1990 – 1:03 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :05. More “leftovers”. The success of advertising, promotion of new inventions is what makes or breaks it, not the invention itself. Words as advertising for yourself by yourself: what happens is not important, what is said about what happens is the important determinant in humanity activity.

Without talk or thought there would be no sensation of time. There can be no “shortage of time” with its attendant stress, without talk. This is equally true of all other stressful activities in modern life. Time is now understood to be the fourth dimension of space; accordingly, since time itself has three dimensions (past, present and future) it too should have a fourth dimension.  In order to completely describe anything : 3-d, time, with its three dimensions must be explicitly or implicitly specified. Note that the fourth dimension of time is never even suspected, let alone speculated on in any modern intellectual inquiry.

In astronomy if some new observed phenomena is not immediately recorded into the observation log, it is treated as if it doesn’t exist, as if it never happened. Connection to if talk/thought about something goes unrecorded in a timely fashion, that something in effect never happened. “Mystic” experience is an example of this; the Real Revolutionist can immediately record/log his experience, thus validate it.

Talk as equation or comparison: is the “new” and the “different” the same? If not, what connection is there between them?

People say: “my life is falling apart”—this is not really possible beyond the fact of death of the body. The fear of or knowledge of death applies to “my life is falling apart” and only so if it is logged in – i.e., talked/thought about.