Jan Cox Talk 0644

All Morality Is Verbally Based, Thus Inconclusive


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#644 May 7, 1990 – 1:05 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. Emotions as entities explains man complaint that his emotions are incorrectly interpreted by others. There are no mistakes; emotions execute their own genetic programming perfectly. This explains the impossibility of medium (man) being able to adequately describe the emotions flowing thru him. Man sends emotions from himself to himself internally, e.g., guilt; desire for change etc.

Primary Level emotions don’t need to be put into words; they haven’t even the urge to explain themselves. There can be no meaningful misinterpretation between sender and receiver where Primary Level emotions are involved. Secondary Level emotions cannot exist without words, w/o explaining themselves. Yet this is impossible, resulting in continual inconclusiveness, frustration for the sender/receiver. The signal/emotion is an independent partner in the transaction w/o inconclusive perception. Primary Level emotions contain no dimension of “human outrage”. All morality is verbally based, i.e., inconclusive, SL, and not on what might be termed “real goodness” which is based on growth.

To “smile and eat” is access to free energy. People squander energy in hostile acts which the Real Revolutionist can use.

Do not run intellectually “slack”; it will have negative impact for This Thing.

1:03 epilogue. J. won’t continue This Thing w/o a wider audience gathered.