Jan Cox Talk 0647

Silence Is the Ultimate Explanation


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#647 * May 14, 1990 * – 1:06 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. There is a way of defeating the continually Life-asked question of “hey, what time is it?” which induces guilt and fear of arrears.

You cannot be taken seriously without talk. E.g., the criminal who refuses to talk about his crime or himself: the news story soon disappears from public view. Such a criminal would not be considered capable of any change. Willful silence is a kind of impenetrable shield. Silence is the ultimate explanation.

Consider “POB” (power of brevity). Consider the example of evolution of religious truth in words: honor the true god (four words); love thy neighbor (three words); Jesus saves (two words); would a one-word truth be the ultimate? How about a no-word explanation? No words is the ultimate info. Life’s ultimate power demonstration: its revolutionary silence. What man hears from Life is always thru intermediaries…lesser gods.

An historical creation sequence: after the initial silence came a flood of words. The “balkanization” of man renders him supremely ineffective to challenge Life’s agenda.