Jan Cox Talk 0664

All Processes Must be Made Thing-Specific


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#664 Jun 22, 1990 – 1:03 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. All processes must be made thing-specific. The processes of fear, failure, illness, death are turned into thing-specifics by religion, namely as “demons” (with characteristics), i.e., demons of fear, sickness etc. Processes cannot be perceived, only participated in. They must be converted to thing-specifics to be perceived, thereby becoming the commerce of the ordinary mind. Processes demand effort, thing-specifics only acceptance.

The Primary Level world is one of process; the Secondary Level world is one of thing-specifics. All worthy efforts/processes of the Primary Level World are seen as paying off in Secondary Level World thing-specifics rather than in processes. For example, the “Christian life” is paid off with “immortality,” a thing-specific. It is never seen that process itself can be its own payoff. To the Real Revolutionist, worthy processes are their own payoff, not a thing-specific.