Jan Cox Talk 0665

The Accomplished Is Never Quite Satisfying Because It’s Incomplete


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#665 Jun 25, 1990 ā€“ 1:04 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. Consider: energy is living its own separate existence, has its own identity, with men as its medium. E.g.: man’s expectation to be able to classify men into “types”. The ordinary mind is wired up to expect that one man should play only one role, transfer only one kind of energy predominantly, unmixed with others. But this is not the reality: a dominating man in all activities must nevertheless be submissive to his boss at work (a grudging submission) and will pleasurably submit to an attractive co-worker.

The intellect cannot translate energy fully into words, there is always a loss thru friction, the entropy process itself. Thus no universal truth can ever be conveyed even if such existed. Connection to man’s perennial pursuit of improvement, of change for the better: the accomplished is never quite satisfying because incomplete.