Jan Cox Talk 0667

Life Speaks a Foreign Tongue to You and You Think You Comprehend


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#667 Jun 29, 1990 – 1:05 
Notes by TK

Kynoot to :08. The in-specificity, ambiguity and uncertainty of words has its main strength and charm in the Secondary Level World. In the individual’s dialogue with Life, Life is always speaking in a foreign tongue. Thus all attempts to change arise out of incomplete reception of Life’s governing instructions thru you to you. The difficulty of governing and being governed in a foreign tongue appears to be a great inefficiency because of the ambiguity generated, but it is actually a super-efficiency; it is a kind of animating glue that holds everything together.

The golden rule and the Ten Commandments are actually very ambiguous despite their apparent directness and succinctness. Their ambiguity is that nobody really knows what they mean, thus they are effectively a foreign language none understand, while thinking they do understand.

The Secondary Level World is the continual process of making silent, Primary Level World activities to be more palatable, more civilized, more than they are. Advertising is a prime example of this. The Real Revolutionist has got to construct a new language so as to speak unequivocally with himself.

Ordinary lives of men are no different from “Dr. Stillman’s water diet”; men’s lives don’t much harm or help them, but are just inconvenient enough to give a feeling of accomplishment in the mere stumbling thru it.