Jan Cox Talk 0668

A True “Hard Question” Never Ends With a Conclusion


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#668 * Jul 2, 1990 * – 1:06 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :08. Ordinary life provides no need, desire, means or vehicle for men to make radical inquiries. Ordinary “hard questions” are not hard or new: they are attempts to turn unspecific processes of being alive, into thing-specifics. A true hard question is one that never ends; a question the Real Revolutionist refuses to answer, refuses to allow to end, to come to a conclusion.

All popular ideas always appeal, and owe their appeal to hometown sentiments. E.g., statements beginning with “it couldn’t be clearer to upstanding Christians that…” or “what truly intelligent modern person wouldn’t agree that…” to garnering the cheap laugh of “how many here tonight are from L A?” This appeal to hometown sentiments precludes revealing fresh info; it is always provincial, parochial, chauvinistic and prejudicially local. It is an institutional telling of “what kind of guys we are”; it is a collective self-defense rendering individual self-defense less necessary.

The Primary Level World of processes has no room for words, for analysis. The Secondary Level World of thing-specifics requires words. What does this say about all forms of human complaining?