Jan Cox Talk 0679

A Real Revolutionist Always Takes The Irrelevant Into Account


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#679 Jul 27, 1990 – 1:08 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :05. The Secondary Level World of man grows only thru one agent: ideas. New ideas come from the E-pool, the irrelevant, not directly from the binary dynamic of C-D conflict. The Real Revolutionist must take the irrelevant into account in all his activities. The already-tried, the old, the past, has no future; has no place in the future. The frightening quality of “monster stories” (Frankenstein) arises thru the genetic message filtering up that construction of “new” life (new territory) with used parts can only yield a monster, a defective. Such a creation reflects the past, not the future. Internal application: everybody is a self-creation of used parts: a monster. There is no alternative for the ordinary man.

A prime example of energy “lost” in every transfer between men: the accusation of misuse of info by another agency, i.e., physicists’ knowledge of atomic physics used by gov’t to develop the atom bomb. The claim of misuse is really new use arising from the loss of energy to the E-pool.