Jan Cox Talk 0699

Which Requires the Most Attention, the Past, Present or Future?


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#699 ** Sep 12, 1990 ** – 1:05 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :08. The shape of questions controls the contours of responses. Application internally for the thinking process, a series of inquiries, changing the ongoing form of pondering. E.g., the question “why am I so mistreated?” is never phrased “why is it that men feel/believe they are mistreated?” Life is not interested in framing this question thru man and no audience will tolerate it should it be asked. Why does the intellect still ponder and upset itself over questions long ago admitted, by the intellect itself, to be unanswerable? Every criticism is a continued pursuit of admittedly insoluble, incorrigible problems.

Which requires the most attention: the past, the present or the future? It depends on who you are. All three (undifferentiated) for the Real Revolutionist. All questions are “trick” questions to the Real Revolutionist. To answer or even entertain such questions is to return to City life. The City = having a choice. Polarized energy is the only possible modus for energy flow in the City.][ In PL/primary level  and SL/secondary level terms, is This Thing another new level? Yes but never recognizably or it has responded in polarized terms and become moribund.